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LBP Board Members Swap DDA Director Seat

Loveland’s City Council will vote on Tuesday to replace Doug Rutledge, who resigned with 6 months left on his term with the Downtown Development Authority (DDA), with his friend and fellow LBP & LDP board member Harry Devereaux. Harry Devereaux, … Continue reading

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City Blinks On County Deal – Acknowledges Law Requires Competitive Bid

The City of Loveland is supposed to take the first step in purchasing the Larimer County building this week while in-turn “selling” it to Rocky Turner’s longtime Loveland construction firm by approving a sale for $732,000 in one hand while … Continue reading

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Loveland Pays Company To Accept Deed Of Former County Building

A very common question people ask LovelandPolitics to research is why a particular company or individual gets an incredible business incentive (like a million dollar commercial building in this case) for nothing when an open bidding process could have yielded … Continue reading

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McWhinney Infomercial on City Time

McWhinney Company is scheduled to provide Loveland’s City Council an infomercial at their next regularly scheduled council meeting this Tuesday January 16. While the agenda claims “no action” the booster for the event, Councilman Don Overcash, did not place it … Continue reading

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Council Hears Another Red Herring on Traffic Monitoringb

Loveland’s City Council was treated to a marketing presentation this evening by the company Acyclica suppling the bluetooth receivers for approximately 20 intersections in town which erupted into controversy last month to track mobile devices of people moving throughout the … Continue reading

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City To Track You Vía Your Mobile Device

While controversial in other cities, Loveland’s City Council voted unanimously to accept $380,000 from the federal government to begin tracking every mobile device moving along roadways throughout the city. See our story Already in use by the DEA and DHS, … Continue reading

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Marsh Already Under Attack

Loveland’s Mayor Elect Jacki Marsh is already under attack by former rival Councilman John Fogle who is attempting to deny her access to committee assignments through emails to staff and colleagues. Tomorrow night she will be sworn-in along with two … Continue reading

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Jacki Marsh Elected Mayor Despite Last Minute Big Money Behind Fogle

Downtown business owner and resident Jacki Marsh won Loveland’s Mayor race by a landslide despite big money from Southern California being spent for John Fogle in apparent violation of Loveland’s campaign finance laws. Latest results show candidate Larry Heckel receiving … Continue reading

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Ward I Race Could Begin and End Over Faith Evangelical Church on Wilson

Councilman Troy Krenning is not going to seek another term on Loveland’s City Council representing Ward I. Loveland Planning Commissioner Jeremy Jersvig along with local cable installer Lenard Larkin are competing for the chance to take Krenning’s seat this November. … Continue reading

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Think you hated your assessment in May?  Just wait for your tax bill in January

We just published a Labor Day commentary by Larimer County Assessor Steve Miller.   Read it here first. Read commentary by Steve Miller 

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