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Pedcor Racial Agenda Exposed

We have regularly heard that HACOL (Housing Authority City of Loveland) and some city staff complain that Loveland is too “Lilly white” and see increasing “diversity” as a worthy objective of their “affordable” housing projects.  This is important as they … Continue reading

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New ‘Healthy Grocer’ coming? —

In the next weeks Council will be asked to consider a large funding package to subsidize a developer looking to bring a ‘Healthy Grocer’ to the corner of Hwy 34 and Lincoln Ave. IE. North East corner of Hwy 34 and … Continue reading

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Poor whites ‘need not apply’ to Loveland Subsidized Housing

Loveland’s Community Partnership Office Administrator, Alison Hade, told Loveland’s City Council that applicants to privately owned subsidized housing from outside of the city who “resemble” the community will be “managed” or in other words turned away during last night’s council meeting. … Continue reading

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City and County Disagree On Open Lands Tax Continuation

Last Tuesday Loveland Councilman Ralph Trenary told those assembled from Larimer County at Loveland’s Council Meeting that anyone who wants to tell the city how to spend their portion of the county’s open lands sales tax can “stuff it.” Loveland’s … Continue reading

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LovelandPolitics’ New Blog Site

We apologize to our many readers for the recent technical problems we experienced with the LovelandPolitics blog.   Our homepage will now link to this newly revised version of our blog on a more reliable host server to ensure … Continue reading

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