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Municipal Judge Presiding Over Cases Despite Losing Authority

7-Eleven, Smashburger, Lincoln House of Spirits, P.F. Chang’s in Centerra and Justines Pizza were among ten businesses appearing before Loveland’s Deputy Municipal Judge James Packard on licensing issues in June 2013 while the Wonderful Dragon needed permission to swap owners … Continue reading

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Loveland 2015 Council Candidates Already Being Groomed

Incredibly, some people have already begun selecting and grooming candidates to run in Loveland’s 2015 City Council elections. Five of nine members of Loveland’s City Council (that includes the Mayor) are up for re-election in 2015. ¬†Two incumbent councilmen plan … Continue reading

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Loveland Planning Commission Chairman Angry Over Sprouts

Buddy Meyers, Chairman of Loveland’s Planning Commission, requested we publish his commentary regarding the Sprouts deal which you can read by clicking this link. City economic development manager Mike Scholl simply used the city’s “Business Incentive” program as a kind … Continue reading

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“King Mike” Controls Loveland’s Downtown Redevelopment

Rather than memorialize the many offenses Loveland residents are reacting to over the recent Sprouts deal (city pretending it is a loan, ignoring existing businesses, providing false numbers, violating its own incentive policy) we thought is would be more interesting … Continue reading

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Council votes $2.3 Million for Sprouts 7-1

As expected, Loveland’s City Council followed staff direction and awarded Sprouts over $2 million this evening while most all local media was focused on election returns. Jonas Buehl, owner of Loveland’s Crunchy Grocer, told Loveland’s City Council he was told … Continue reading

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