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Stormy Council Refuses Appeal For Proper Second Reading on Sprouts Subsidy

Loveland’s City Council erupted after the majority refused to conduct a proper second reading of the Sprouts $2.2 million subsidy decision.  see story, video clips and pictures Mayor Gutierrez along with Councilors Trenary, Shaffer, Taylor, Fogle and Farley sat quietly … Continue reading

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Loveland Residents Fights City Hall on Sprouts Deal

Loveland resident Brian Wood, whose residential home will be across the street from a loading dock if a Sprouts is built where resdiential houses now stand, is protesting the City Council’s 6-3 vote on the $2.2 million appropriation for the … Continue reading

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Hypocrisy in Action; Loveland Food Sales Tax

In October of 2013 every candidate running for city council promised to eliminate the city’s food sales taxes.  In less than a year, some of those elected cut a deal with the Sprouts’ developer to funnel those taxes back to … Continue reading

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Council Narrowly Approves Sprouts $2.2 Million Subsidy

Loveland’s City Council narrowly approved the final agreement to provide a cash subsidy to Sprouts’ supermarket developer Evergreen of $2.2 million shortly before 11:00 PM tonight after more than an hour of intense debate. Councilman John Fogle, in response to … Continue reading

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