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Council Approves Slow Repeal of Grocery Tax

A 1% per year reduction beginning November 1, 2015 until the 3% sales tax on groceries is eliminated by 2017 was unanimously approved during a council meeting last night see our complete story. Councilman John Fogle offered the motion which … Continue reading

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Backdoor Decision For “Temporary” .5% Grocery Tax Reduction

Loveland City Manager Bill Cahill is working feverishly behind the scenes to defeat Councilman Troy Krenning’s proposal to eliminate the city’s 3% sales tax on groceries. ¬†A slight majority of the council recently defeated Krenning’s unexpected motion instead saying they … Continue reading

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Ward II Election To Be Competitive

Last November we reported that Loveland resident Buddy Meyers, 60, is running in Ward II for city council while Mayor Gutierrez and Councilman Trenary were trying to find a candidate to replace their retiring friend Councilman Phil Farley who is … Continue reading

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Mayor Fails to Disclose City Emails on Private Account

For years Loveland Mayor Cecil Gutierrez has evaded the Colorado Open Records Act (CORA) requirement that all official correspondence by city officials be available to the public upon request. ¬†Previous requests for city emails on his personal account were denied … Continue reading

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