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South Catalyst Dead- County is out

We have been asked frequently about any follow-up on the county’s decision to pull out of Loveland’s South Catalyst project story given recent reports to the contrary.  Despite recently published false articles pretending the deal is back on, we believe … Continue reading

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Realtor Endorsement Held-Up By Angry Father

In a story that makes fighting Little League parents look reasonable, Loveland City Council Candidate Leah Johnson’s father is reported to have convinced the Loveland-Berthoud Realtor Association (LBAR) to keep their candidate endorsements secret since he was unable to convince … Continue reading

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Hale Departure – Full Story

Loveland’s Director of Economic Development since 2011, Betsey Hale, is leaving back to the East Coast for another job.  Anyone familiar with Loveland politics, knows her departure is not completely unexpected. Loveland’s City Manager Bill Cahill has lost six senior … Continue reading

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School Candidate Signs Swiped By Teacher

Thompson Board of Education candidates Bruce Finger and Tomi Grundvig complain they are losing signs to unscrupulous teacher Union activists who remove their signs from private property where the owner has provided them permission to post signs. LovelandPolitics was provided … Continue reading

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City Manager Accused of “insubordination” by City Councilman

Loveland City Mnager Bill Cahill is being accused of insubordination by at least one councilor while others also complain he deliberately acted against a council direction to preserve funds for police officers and not fund a witness protection coordinator. Complicating … Continue reading

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Vance Hansen Challenges Denise Montagu for Thompson Board of Education

Either Loveland is home to the nation’s largest community of anarchists or people displaying Denise Montagu campaign yard signs are advertising their ignorance for their neighbors and everyone else to see. Thompson Board of Education member, Denise Montagu, who was … Continue reading

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