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Water Prices Continue Rising As Quality Drops

What most people in Loveland may not understand is the inability of the city to adequately address the current water quality issues has nothing to do with what you have been paying for water. The City of Loveland has used … Continue reading

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Council Decides To Skip Endorsements of Ballot Questions

A lot is being made of a quick vote last Tuesday by Loveland’s City Council after Councilman Rich Ball was feeling tired so decided to head home early before the conclusion of the meeting. Councilwoman Leah Johnson hoped to corner … Continue reading

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Hardy’s Bait and Switch – Proposes Buying City Property for $5,000

In its newest incarnation, Loveland’s South Catalyst project originally named in 2009, lumbers forward after spending over $8 million acquiring downtown properties that owners were forced to sell the city under threat of eminent domain.  Elected leaders defended it as … Continue reading

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