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Homeless In Loveland In For Big Surprise

LovelandPoltics has been informed that Brinkman President Jay Hardy has cooked-up an admirable scheme to prevent Loveland’s intractable homeless population from ruining his downtown Foundry Project.  Simply stated, they cannot use the “public” pedestrian areas inside the Foundry project as … Continue reading

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Steve Olson Wins Council Seat – Ward III Special Election

Loveland’s City Clerk posted election results for the Ward III special election.  In November, Olson will need to stand for re-election to serve a four-year term on Loveland’s City Council. Howard Dotson: 419 Steve Olson: 1296 John Ryan Keil: 265 

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Commentary By Larimer County Assessor on 2017 Reappraisals

Colorado property owners will be hit hard this year since it a “reappraisal” year and values have been growing rapidly.   Larimer County Assessor, Steve Miller, will update your property assessments to June 2016 values.  Read commentary and details from the Assessor himself. It … Continue reading

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Council Candidate Spars With Councilman Krenning – lawsuit against House of Neighborly Services Threatened

Below are the emails on Loveland’s City Council account regarding the bizarre candidate for city council Howard Dotson and his correspondence with Councilman Krenning.  It is important to note who on Loveland’s City Council apparently supports Dotson; Mayor Cecil Gutierrez, … Continue reading

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McWhinney Seeks More Time And Looser Terms for Centerra Debt

According to Albert Einstein“Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it … he who doesn’t … pays it.” Loveland’s City Council must be in the latter category and is thus dragging all Loveland … Continue reading

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