Denise Montagu to Resign Seat on Board of Education

LovelandPolitics has been informed that Denise Montagu is moving to Boulder, Colorado due to a divorce thus vacating her seat on the Thompson Board of Education.   We have confirmed that her personal residence in Loveland where she is registered to vote is being offered for rent on

Despite her obnoxious and disruptive behavior during her first term on the Thompson Board of Education, Montagu was re-elected in November of 2015 along with Pam Howard, Dave Levy and Jeff Swanty due to the local and state teacher unions pouring more than a quarter million dollars into the race.

Mantagu’s absence from the board will likely not change the direction of the board.  A graduate from CSU, Montagu’s work history was primarily doing marketing for Uptown Auto in Loveland owned by a family member and later a short stint working for a financial services firm.

Montagu is most well known for her public outbursts and interruptions of former Board of Education President Bob Kerrigan who decided not to seek re-election in 2015.  Montagu is reported to have said she was assigned the task of disrupting meetings and acting in an obnoxious manner to try and provoke Kerrigan to lose his temper and do something “regrettable.”  Montagu also once demanded an elderly man be forceably removed “immediately” from a Board of Education meeting after he spoke critically about her during his turn at public comments.

We hope she learns the value of civil discourse and treating all people with respect.  We also hope she has success with her new life in Boulder.

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17 Responses to Denise Montagu to Resign Seat on Board of Education

  1. Sophie Rogers says:

    How could you possibly know this? Sounds like more fake news to me.

    • Admin says:

      Sophie, people often tell friends and family about big life changes only to reconsider their decision later. In this case, we waited to get another independent confirmation before publishing anything; verifying her home is available for rent as well.

      The bigger question is why her colleagues on the Board of Education and apparently the Superintendent Stan Scheer failed to notify the community. Once she takes up residency outside the district (her voter registration is still at the property for rent) she is required to disclose her lack of qualifications to hold the office and immediately step down so a qualified candidate may replace her in that seat.

      These are the ethical obligations of any public official because your residency is directly related to your qualifications to serve out your term in office.

      “Tell the truth, or someone will tell it for you.”
      ― Stephanie Klein, Straight Up and Dirty

  2. Greg Snyder says:

    At least the intellectual level of the general population of Loveland will be improved when she leaves. I feel that the dissolution of a marriage is usually not a good thing but in this case something positive may result….

    • C. B. says:

      Good riddance to her. She was never qualified to be a BOE member because of her attitude and lack of civility. She was a puppet of the teachers union without moral compass. Not sorry to see her go. Her divorce was inevitable.

  3. Joe says:

    Poor Sophie Rogers, this is not CNN or the WSJ so no fake news here!!!

    Question, does this move come from her not being able to find emplyment in the area? Just watch the video and you quickly see what kind of a person she really is and why would anyone employ her. Kerrigan took so much abuse from her I can only imagine what he will be thinking once he reads this article.

    As for her reelection – Without the heavy union support of over a quarter of a million dollars it used to flip the school board back into union control she would not have been reelected. What was the first thing the new school board was tasked to do for the union? Go after a tax increase. The voters said no again!! And now with the higher assessments on property this year I don’t believe anyone in their right mind will support a tax increase.

    • Admin says:

      Remember how those candidates all denied, during the election, that they planned on asking for a tax increase? Their first major action together was to work tirelessly to increase everyone’s property taxes. The combination of dishonesty and pettiness from that group only tells us they deserve each other.

      • C. B. says:

        If you remember correctly, when Pam Howard was appointed to the school board, it was concluded that the teachers union had prompted and supported her to take the position knowing full well that she would be promoting another MLO. Pam Howard is still in failure mode and should also resign along with her buddy.

  4. Sophie Rogers says:

    Denise’s Facebook page doesn’t anything except she will continue fighting for our kids. I want to know the source of your information. Why don’t you talk to her?

    • Admin says:

      Again, we didn’t publish anything until we heard from multiple sources who confirmed the tip we were given is essentially true.
      Regarding what you may have been told, consider yourself in very good company if she is attempting to mislead you.

      In response to your last question, we try and only rely on credible sources for what we report. If Denise decides to reverse course and move back into her Loveland home than she is welcome to make that announcement right here or refute anything we have reported that isn’t accurate.

    • C. B. says:

      Personally, I would rather talk to a brick than having a discussion with Denise Montagu. The brick has a higher level of intelligence.

  5. Admin says:

    C.B. your comments appear overly harsh and personal. We even wondered whether you are a plant for Montagu to gain sympathy for her plight. Her personal problems should remain just that; personal.

    However, your conclusions are hardly disputable. We are not aware of any skill she learned while working in a family member’s body shop that could inform her participation in setting policies for the Thompson Board of Education. Maybe one, Denise Montagu is the walking example of an uneducated person with a college degree.

    We also agree that she is willing to be a union stooge in exchange for the attentition and approval she receives from school district employees hoping to get s raise.

    When they finally get around to hiring a competent Superintendent, maybe the first interview question they need to ask this time is “have you ever balanced a budget..”. Stan Scheer’s wreckless self-indulgence and inability to make difficult decisions has sent the district into its current spiral of deficit spending. Backed by the ruthless and third-world managing tactics of Margaret Crespo (also known by staff as Scheer’s enforcer), this administration seems more concerned with self-preservation and attacking critics than actually educating our children.

    We have now been told by two more sources that Montagu’s imminent departure and replacement is being discussed in the school board’s closed door executive sessions. Too bad an open and honest conversation with the public is beyond the imagination of these Education despots.

    Public support for another bond can only materialize if the parties responsible for the current fiasco of deficit spending and failing test scores are gone from the administration building and off the board.

    • C. B. says:

      I have absolutely NO sympathy for Denise Montagu. As she sowed, she reaped. I am on the agenda of educational reform.

  6. MeToo says:

    We just toured that house this week with a rep from Henderson Property Manegement. I already have a place but my sister and her family are moving to town so I am helping them find a place. I didn’t know it was Denise’s house! It even smells like a witch’s lair and is cold and stinky. The poor children how could they live in that place!

  7. C. B. says:

    There was an overheard conversation last night at the board meeting that suggested Paul Bankes, former TSD Elementary Education Director, is being considered to replace Denise Montagu on the school board. The reasoning was given that he would be tasking the board to replace the superintendent, Stan Scheer, because of a lack of confidence in the district leadership. Whatever the case, this is interesting news even though unsubstantiated.

    • Admin says:

      Thanks for the tip – since I have been out of town on business I don’t know if her departure has been announced. Any news yet from the district or are they still pretending this website is wrong?

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