Councilwoman Asked to Resign

Even in today’s world of tabloid politics it is difficult to comprehend how a nearly homeless woman trying to escape creditors and without a regular job can continue serving on Loveland’s City Council despite the fact she is no longer residing in the Ward she represents.  See our story

The answer is not complicated.  Loveland’s daily newspaper, the Loveland Daily Reporter-Herald, has lost all objectivity and independence from city hall in reporting city news since it now relies on the city to maintain and sell articles from its archive so unlikely to report any hard news anymore impacting those appropriating their annual subsidy.  Secondly, fellow political travelers of Councilwoman Shaffer,  like Mayor Cecil Gutierrez and Councilman Richard Ball, see her as an easy vote for any pet project so why let the law stand in the way of political expediency?

Our goal is not to highlight the personal problems of Councilwoman Joan Shaffer but instead simply ask the question how she is allowed to continue ignoring the city’s laws regarding her residency requirement in Ward II?  We understand that councilors Dave Clark, Don Overcash and others have asked for this issue to finally be discussed in public at their next regularly scheduled meeting.  Ironically, we are told city staff will be delivering her agenda packet for that next meeting to her crash pad outside Ward II.

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14 Responses to Councilwoman Asked to Resign

  1. Anonymous says:

    People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

    Hypocrites groom you to become hyper-aware of your own minor (or non-existent) wrongdoings, while actively dismissing anything that they themselves are doing wrong. First they relocate blame—then, your conscience does the rest of the work for them. Hypocrites are experts at blaming others, while empathetic people are experts at blaming themselves. The more of their poison you absorb, the more you start to doubt yourself, thereby making you more vulnerable to more poison. Joan is not going to absorb anymore of your poison because she is a strong and liberated woman.

    You shouldn’t throw stones because rumor has it you don’t even live in Loveland and can’t pay your own bills anyways!

  2. Daryle Klassen says:

    Hello anonymous, and all ships at sea !
    I have read the above…….and twice……and am still trying to understand and comprehend what it says. Seems to be some sort of defense of joan shaffer and her qualifications to live in Ward II. This is simple. In the history of the Loveland City Council, there has never been a councilperson who refused to reveal their domicile address……until now. The law is very clear. You must live in the district/ward….repeat…must live in the Ward in which you were elected. I can recall the thousands of applicants who claimed “Agriculture” classifications for property tax relief.
    Hundreds of applicants claimed Agriculture status. This only served to send the county assessor into the fields to look for “cow pies” as verification that cattle roamed on the Ag land.
    With the question of joan shaffer’s reluctance to publish a domicile address…perhaps the city attorney should seek some evidence of “cow pies” to verify that shaffer lives in the ward in which she was elected…..and to which the law requires that she…and all other elected officials….live in the ward/district/country/state in which they were elected to represent. Economic hardship is no excuse for being outside the boundaries. Daryle Klassen, Loveland, Colorado

  3. Caroline Kenny says:

    Please correct your story. She doesn’t need to resign since the vacancy already existed the first time she moved out of her district. City officials who defend this behavior are committing fraud.

    3-7(a) A vacancy shall exist if, during the term of office, the Mayor or a Council member dies, is judicially declared incompetent, resigns, is recalled without the election of a successor, no longer meets one (1) or more of the qualifications specified in Section 3-3, or has had more than three (3) consecutive unexcused absences from regular meetings of the Council.

    3-3(a) Each Council member shall be a registered elector of the City who has resided in his or her respective ward for a period of at least twelve (12) consecutive months immediately preceding the election;…

    3-3(f) The Mayor and each Council member shall continue to meet the requirements of this section throughout the term of office.

  4. Greg Snyder says:

    Why is anyone surprised that a Progressive is trying once again to misrepresent themselves? The Progressive mantra has always been to institute a set of double standards. Law abiding people are expected to follow every directive of the law while the “good people” are given exemptions as long as they toe the line of progressivism. You need not look any further than than the current war on Trump and the continuous bypassing of all sins Progressive including the leaking of classified information by the head of the FBI, the killing of patriots in Benghazi by a Secretary of State, and the continuing turncoat actions of the former President. She should have been turned out of office long ago for character deficiencies but in our modern politically correct and corrupt world only a yawn was generated…….

  5. Admin says:

    Story update:

    Councilor Shaffer’s legitimacy to continue participating in council meetings is now scheduled for discussion by the council and staff during their study session tomorrow night.

    Over the weekend she agreed to sign an affidavit asserting she has a legal address in Ward II per the email exchange below,

    From: Ward II – Joan Shaffer
    Sent: Saturday, July 8, 2017 1:27 PM
    To: Ward I – Troy Krenning ; Clay Douglas
    Cc: Ward II – Joan Shaffer ; City Council ; Temp CCMAIL ; Steve Adams ; Bob Ticer
    Subject: RE: Complaint and request for investigation


    I will sign the affidavit as described and ask staff to prepare for my signature on Monday.


    Joan Shaffer
    Loveland City Councilor, Ward II

    Sent from my Samsung phone

    ——– Original message ——–
    From: Ward I – Troy Krenning
    Date: 07/08/2017 8:47 AM (GMT-07:00)
    To: Clay Douglas
    Cc: Ward II – Joan Shaffer , City Council , Temp CCMAIL , Steve Adams , Bob Ticer
    Subject: Re: Complaint and request for investigation


    Not to make this a bigger deal than it needs to be; if Cslr Shaffer will simply sign an affidavit, sworn to under penalty of perjury, that she resides in the ward she was elected in I would be satisfied and would advise the complaining citizens that the complaint and concern is without merit.

    Thank you,

    Troy Krenning

    Sent from my iPhone

  6. Howard Dotson says:

    Troy Krenning proves again to be a bully and an opportunist.
    Its no surprise that he is so happy with his photo behind Trump.
    He is behaving like him.
    I would love to see some more civility and less gotcha politics in Loveland.

    • Don Overcash says:

      Please, talk about being a bully and an opportunist! How is your summer vacation of harassment of others going?

  7. Larry Sarner says:

    I was not one of the complaining citizens to which Councillor Krenning refers, but as a citizen of Ward II myself, I am not at all satisfied that an affidavit stating she resides *now* in Ward II lays to rest the matter. I compliment Mr Krenning on bringing the matter to light as a proxy for those of us who may have been under- or mis-represented in Ward II. But it should not be dismissed so easily or completely without hearing the evidence those actual complainants may have.

    The evidence should be presented and reviewed before any further business is transacted by Council with Ms Shaffer in attendance. That means consideration first thing in the special meeting, and not in the “study session”. Mr Krenning’s advice notwithstanding, those of us in Ward II who are not presently in the know demand the transparency that permits us to judge for ourselves how our city government conducts itself and whether we are being properly represented. In the name of the Rule of Law, we deserve nothing less.

  8. Lone Cat Wrangler says:

    Speaking of residency. . . where does Howard Dotson live? He was shacked up in the basement of a church, but when he lost his meal ticket there he was shown the door. He claimed he was leaving Loveland and Colorado, but he seems to have returned. And who pays for all his travel and lawsuits?

  9. Admin says:

    Probably the most telling part of the discussion during the special meeting tonight regarding Joan Shaffer living outside her Ward is not a single political friend or ally was willing to say the accusation is false. Instead, Mayor Gutierrez artifully resisted attempts to advance the item on the agenda into a special meeting (where public can be heard and action taken) while Leah Johnson begged her colleagues to “move-on” once the issue was on the table.

    Apparently, Councilwoman Shaffer’s friends are unwilling to lie for her in public but are willing to cover the issue so she can continue voting with them even after she is no longer qualified to serve. Even the city attorney who huddled with the mayor and Shaffer prior to the meeting failed to make any claim she lived in Ward II instead citing a prior case where “intent” of where one wants to live determines residency; a standard no city clerk would accept as meeting the city charter requirements for new candidates for office.

    Councilman Troy Krenning, having obtained an affidavit from Shaffer claiming to reside on a particular street in Ward II, dropped the issue and said he was satisfied. Of course, it is never really that simple in either politics or law. Krenning lead Shaffer into a purjery trap which might later haunt her depending on who is elected District Attorney of Larimer County this November.

    Krenning disclosed that a credible person in Ward III revealed to him that Shaffer introduced herself, after moving in next door, as “hello I am your new neighbor Joan Shaffer.” Shaffer was conspicuously quiet and never refuted Krenning’s allegation.

    Most significant of all is Shaffer is refusing to disclose to the public where she supposedly lives in Ward II. Instead, she is providing the street name and block but no particular address which she explained is known to the city clerk. Mayor Gutierrez did defend Shaffer trying to hide her newly claimed address as a public safety issue as she claimed in her emails due to a “blog” posting her address.

    In fact, this blog did post her prior address since it was the property of Barry Floyd for whom Shaffer was working to obtain nearly $1 million in city subsidies. We suspect the identity of the true resident she is trying to conceal either due to avoid another conflict of interest embarrassment or maybe like her friends on council that person is reticent about lying openly to the public for Councilwoman Joan Shaffer.

  10. Carol says:

    After Barry got what he wanted from the city he probably had no more incentive to continue letting Joan sleep in one of his apartments. Maybe she should just place a bucket at the dais so anyone asking for the city’s help can drop a twenty in her bucket. It would be more transparent and honest that way and she could use the cash to stay in a weekly hotel.

  11. Greg Snyder says:

    Howard: You have proven that you have no moral standing in the world of the Loveland political sphere; the voters have rejected you and it is clear that you embrace the Progressive agenda that is \based upon cultural Marxism, which is a bad thing for those who embrace individual liberty and limited government. I thought you were going to the mideast to teach the jihadists peace? Haven’t you left yet? If you are short of funding to leave the country give me a call……. As long as you guarantee to never return.

  12. Dan R, happy to be back! says:

    After several years away, seeing that Loveland’s politics have gotten even messier while I was away is impressive. It seems very unlikely that Councilman Krenning is satisfied that the affidavit proves that she resides in her ward. I think it is more likely that he is satisfied that checkmate is imminent. It will be interesting to see what happens next. It does a great disservice to the public that a council member represents for them to have no stake in the ward they are serving. If the allegations are true, then consequences beyond removal from council are well warranted. Committing perjury is no joke.

  13. Admin says:

    Thanks to one of our readers the Joan Shaffer voter registration mystery is solved,

    “I have the voter profile report, with log, for Shaffer. She went online only last Friday to change her address from 413 N Cleveland #1 to 737 W 10th, and that change was not processed until Monday by the County Clerk’s office. She changed her residence to 413 N Cleveland way back in 2013. No other changes of address recorded in the meantime, except that she did change her mailing address to 218 E 6th.”

    737 W 10th in Ward II is the home of a local political activist, arguable extremist, by the name of Carolyn Taylor. Shaffer has attempted to keep her “new” address in Ward II secret claiming it is for reasons of personal security. Since she doesn’t live at that address her claim doesn’t rally make any sense. Likely, both Carolyn Taylor and Charles Riblett who own the property are reticent about signing any false affidavits that would claim Shaffer now leases their home; since they presumably still live there.

    They could have a reverse mortgage, revocable family trust or simply fail to report rental income from Shaffer (since there probably isn’t any) for tax reasons demonstrating her claim is completely false.

    Charles Riblett contributed to Ross Cuniff’s campaign for city council in Ft. Collins so both Riblett and Carolyn Taylor are politically active at least in local school board politics and Ft. Collins City Council races.

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