Multiple Stories

A lot is going on so here is a quick summary;

1.  Our May 3, post that School Board member Denise Montagu is renting her home and headed to Boulder as the result of a divorce is indeed being re-confirmed.  Superintendent Stan Scheer and the school board he controls agreed in secret to delay announcing Montagu’s departure to avoid the requirement of a special election due to the cost.  Instead, they are waiting until August to make the announcement so her replacement can run in a general election already being conducted by the county.

2.  Rev. Howard Dotson has converted to Islam.  Oddly enough his church members are celebrating his departure while he is making historical arguments for his conversion.  

3.  David Wayne Balsiger of Loveland, Colorado, passed away at age 71 on June 27, 2017.  You may recall he was the producer of the 70’s television show Grizzly Adams.  More recently, he invested $12,000 of his own money to defeat the latest Thompson School District bond measure by publishing his own newspaper, taking out advertisements and posting signs around Loveland in opposition to the bond.

4.  Loveland’s City Council approved diverting federal funds intended to assist flood victims instead to an annual light show in Centerra Chupungu Park celebrating Denver resident Chad McWhinney’s private art collection in the park.  The annual show will cost over $100,000 and provides pagans an interesting secular display during the insufferable last week of December.  No word yet on whether Jared’s Galleria of Jewlry will be contributing the Golden Calf for the celebrations or maybe it can be constructed from Centerra shopper’s personal jewlry.   

5.  Colorado attorney Brian Matise described all the red flags of a troubled or corrupt metro district to Loveland’s Council last Tuesday inadvertently describing Centerra on every point from perpetual developer control to exceeding payment timeframes and debt limits.  More on this later…..

6.  Brothers Steve and Ed Klen sold the Rocky Mountain Gun Club they have operated for years in Anasazi Plaza behind Walmart.  The City of Loveland declined offers to purchase the indoor shooting range in favor of building their own facility for police to qualify and practice shooting.  

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50 Responses to Multiple Stories

  1. Howard Dotson says:

    As usual you are up to your own slant.
    I completed my contract with this church.
    I was only meant to be an interim in their time of transition.
    My conversion to Islam comes after 20 years of study Sufi mysticism.
    We will be forming an interfaith, multicultural circle of love, justice and compassion soon in Northern Colorado.
    You left out that I am running for the CD 2 Congressional seat.

    • Admin says:

      We purposely did not opine on the motive for your conversion. However, now that you offered a more substantive one let me remind you that from Edmundson, Missouri you posted your conversion was motivated by “a deacon” you accuse of slander against you from the Methodist Church and “christians behaving badly.”

      I am very familiar with Sufi mysticism having spent considerable time in the subcontinent in my life. For our readers who are unfamiliar, it will not earn Howard Dotson popular praise or acceptance in the Middle East.

      We do not intend on reporting on your vacillating political or religious proclamations but do think the following advice from a writer we admire could serve you well in the future,

      ‘It is a common human foible to think you know more than you do and to assume that when someone, particularly someone you don’t like, says something you don’t understand that the fault must be in the speaker, not the listener. “It’s a universal law — intolerance is the first sign of an inadequate education,” observed Alexander Solzhenitsyn. “An ill-educated person behaves with arrogant impatience, whereas truly profound education breeds humility.”

    • Don Overcash says:

      Simply the most unqualified candidate possible to replace Congressman Polis.

  2. Carol says:

    Does David Balsiger’s death mean TSD is excited to put another MLO on our ballot? My property taxes just went way up so the thought of giving more money to Stan Scheer to squander is not something I relish.

    • Admin says:

      Hopefully they are not that crass. Spending on another ambitious referred bond measure the same year people’s property taxes are going up doesn’t seem like prudent behavior. It will really depend on how much influence the bond peddlers have over Scheer.

      • C. B. says:

        Yes, and didn’t the bond peddlers have a huge influence over Montagu and Howard. Yes indeed. The Colorado Springs wine and dine paid off to get them on board for the bond issue but the taxpayers played the ace card and defeated the swindle.

  3. The Watcher says:

    Howard Dotson claims that he is running for CD 2 Congressional seat in Colorado, but he recently published a letter to the editor in which he claimed his place of residency is St. Paul, MN. If he doesn’t live in Colorado how can he claim to be running for elected office in Colorado?

  4. Greg Snyder says:

    I do not believe you have to reside in the district given the recent orgasm the Democrats were having over the Georgia vacancy that they spent $30 million to lose. If Howard is running as a Progressive that should guarantee that a non-Marxist should have a good chance of taking the seat currently held by wealthy George Soros wannabe….

  5. A legitimate residence of Colorado says:

    The last I knew you had to reside in the State of Colorado one calendar year to be able to declare residency within the state, and you had to reside in the district you wanted to represent one calendar year. I don’t know if that means living in Colorado and the chosen district one year at the same time is enough qualification or not to run for public office. But I also saw the letter to the editor Dotson wrote and published, and by listing St. Paul, MN. as his place of residency disqualifies him as a Coloradan, and disqualifies him to run for office within the state, specifically CD 2, against Jared Polis.

    • Admin says:

      Polis is running for governor. Yes, there is a 1 year residency requirement.

    • Larry Sarner says:

      Qualification all depends on the office. The US constitution sets the qualifications for holding a seat in congress, House or Senate. For both, you only have to be a citizen and resident of the state, and over the ages of 25 and 30, respectively. You don’t even have to be a registered voter, or live in the district.

      A state can’t add additional qualifications, or dis-qualifications, for congress. A couple decades back, Colorado voters passed term limits for elective office. Included were term limits for US House and Senate. Federal courts disallowed those limits for the reason just stated.

      As far as I know, Mr Dotson is eligible to run for any US House seat in his state of residence. Whenever he gets around to choosing what state that is.

      • Howard Dotson says:

        Larry I was home for summer vacation.
        RH listed my address as St Paul because that is my summer contact address. See you soon, Nov 2018 !

  6. Howard Dotson says:

    I was on summer vacation. My address is still in Loveland.
    Looking forward to a spirited campaign.
    I hope we can find common ground and work on real solutions that are bipartisan.
    Confronting the opioid epidemic and the need for better mental health care access in CO is a case in point.

    • Kathleen says:

      Huh, it seems you forgot to delete your Facebook posts where you shuttered things up in Loveland, had a farewell party, and said goodbye to Loveland. You then said you were back in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area until you left for Beirut.

  7. Greg Snyder says:

    To solve the “opiod” epidemic people merely need to take responsibility for themselves and their actions as well as embracing the reality of life. You do not always win, you do not “deserve” free health care, free room and board, and free transportation. If you need chemical relief from the strain of life you only need to embrace the actual lifestyles of those who came before us whether it be in the 18th, 19th, or 20th Centuries to realize how easy you have it in the 21st Century….

  8. Howard Dotson says:

    Don Overcash have you apologized to the Janssen family yet?
    A politician dragging in a bereaved suicide family into a petty special election political campaign shows extremely poor judgment. You never should have brought this into a council meeting. Instead of checking your facts, you played gotcha for political points.
    You questioning my qualifications and credentials is kind of poetic.

  9. Carol says:

    Howard Dotson’s recent actions have done more to convince me of the need for a residential mental Heath facility in Larimer County than anything he did while campaigning for it.

  10. Junkyard Dog says:

    Howard Roy Dotson was quoted on this blog/web site as saying the following: “I am running for the CD 2 Congressional seat.”

    A clear, concise, and complete statement, without any room for misinterpretation or misunderstanding.

    According to the Colorado Secretary of State web site “Howard Dotson” is not registered as a candidate for public or elected office.

  11. Howard Dotson says:

    I’m in compliance with the FEC for an exploratory committee. You dont register with C0 Sec of State for a Federal Congressional race. The lack of civility from folks tells me your nervous. The democratic process will run its course. Either way you will hear from me again soon.

    • C. B. says:

      Save yourself the embarrassment. Don’t reply. You could never qualify for public office. Is that enough exploratory explanation for you?

  12. Howard Dotson says:

    Looking forward to the campaign.

  13. Junkyard Dog says:

    Howard Dotson: I’m in compliance with the FEC for an exploratory committee.

    From FEC Public Records July 20, 2017: We do not have any records for a Howard Dotson.

  14. Silence Dogood says:

    I would like to see the the flood victims (where the federal money should belong) rally at the Chupungu Sculpture Park during the lights show. Perhaps then they can get their federal funds in the form of free parking to look at beautiful African statuary. This story deserves a deeper look.

    Silence Dogood

  15. Howard Dotson says:

    The lack of civility suggests your nervous.

    • C. B. says:

      Your lack of intelligence and judgement. I’m not nervous but you should be. I am focused on your defeat.

  16. Howard Dotson says:

    For those trying figure me out.
    I was suppose to be in Beirut but due to the security risks after President Trump
    made another ultimatum about chemical attack retaliation, I had to postpone my next trip to Beirut. State Dept advised me to hold off.
    The kidnapping risk was too high.
    Im recruiting American Mental health volunteers to join us. I cant expose our volunteers to this risk. After things calm down, this fall our first team will be deployed to Beirut and Saida, Lebanon. If you know a mental health clinician, nurse or doctor who might be interested in helping these kids heal from the trauma of war please let me know.
    We fight terrorism by preventing at risk youth from being radicalized. If you watch Charlie Wilson’s War you will understand the work we are doing.

    • C. B. says:

      Sell them munitions and they will take care of the situation. It’s not mental health that needs volunteers. Kill the enemy and you stop the trauma.

    • C. B. says:

      Howard, I have figured you out. You are in serious need of mental evaluation. You are acting out as one who has been radicalized and I sincerely hope the State Department and the F.B.I. and Homeland Security have close tabs on you.

  17. C. B. says:

    Moving back to item 1. The reasoning behind the refusal of the school board and district admin to disclose the resignation of Denise Montagu is a covert attempt to thwart her replacement in a timely manner in order to get a ballot issue for the voters to decide who should replace her. This is another sly move by the teachers union to keep their puppet selection on the strings in the same way Janice Marchman and Pam Howard were prompted to their school board positions. The welcomed departure of Montagu has been known since May.

  18. Howard says:

    CB the President met with the Lebanese PM yesterday. My report to 4 Senators (3 Republican) was part of this taking place. The folks in DC are well aware of my work in Lebanon.

  19. Howard Dotson says:

    CB If you may have noticed that the Lebanese PM met with President Trump.
    My work in Lebanon is well known to four US Senators. 3 of them are Republican.
    The folks in DC know my work

    • C. B. says:

      Didn’t you notice that you repeated yourself. Your work in Lebanon should be terminated due to lack of intelligence.

    • C. B. says:

      Dotson, you probably haven’t noticed but politicians aren’t the sharpest knives in the drawer. You should be on the no fly list. What kind of “folks” in DC know about your work? With your so-called work outside of the U.S., how are you able to run for public office under the rule of continuous residency?

    • C. B. says:

      Dotson, you have never held a real job so you are just a parasite. You may have some people fooled but not all the people.

  20. Junkyard Dog says:

    Howard Roy Dotson wants to be elected to public office, but given his criminal record, is that a wise thing to do? Don’t Coloradans deserve the best when it comes to elected officials?

    One more thing: One does not need to be a Skip Tracer to understand the pattern of behavior and why Howard Roy Dotson moves as much as he does. Anyone who has owned or owns rental properties understands – perhaps too well – the pattern of behavior of many renters.

  21. Howard Dotson says:

    C.B. are you taking pointers from our Twitter in Chief?

  22. Howard Dotson says:

    Junkyard and CB I hope you attend the candidates forums.
    I would love to answer your questions and concerns.

  23. Junkyard Dog says:

    Howard Roy Dotson says he is a good person, but people who have had the misfortune of encountering him say otherwise. They find him pathological and sociopathic. A parishioner of a church he worked at said every time they encountered him they desired to take a bath in kerosene and bleach as response.

    Howard Roy Dotson has repeatedly been asked to explain where he gets money from when he has no sufficient source of income and he refuses to answer the question. Therefore, his claim he will answer questions and provide responses is a lie.

    Everything I need to know about Howard Roy Dotson is available in the public record, and his posts on Social Media provide further reason as to why he must never been allowed to hold an elected office.

    • C. B. says:

      Trust fund baby. Liberal Arts education. Professional student. No visible means of support. Non contributor. These are only a few examples of why Dotson will never be elected.

      • Admin says:

        C.B. You may need to correct your assumptions. In Loveland politics, a disproportionally large number of people elected to city council inherited their business, wealth or an already established family name. Whether Dotson is a “trust fund baby” we have no idea but that is more often a predictor of success in local elections than an obstacle. On the Congressional front it is the same. Rep. Polis, despite his clever cover story, was born to Princeton educated multi-millionaires whose business he later brought online before selling it.

        Of course, people whose families are heavily invested in the community already are likely to follow local politics and maybe run for council. Dotson is certainly not from Loveland nor his family so unless he can throw $1 million into a Congressional race he will be lucky to clear 3% like he did in the council race he lost.

        • C. B. says:

          I agree. People born of privilege seem to believe they know better than the rest of us and can do and say things that they are not accountable for. This entitlement, especially prevalent with politicians, may be well meaning but it is corrupt. It doesn’t represent the constituents and general public. Dotson is disqualified on the requirement to be a continuous resident, which he is NOT.

  24. Howard says:

    Junkyard the fact this parishioner speaks this way about their pastor says more about themselves. Lets stay out of the gutter and focus on biparitsan opportunities. Homelessness, opiod epidemic, war on terrorism.

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