Fogle Running For Mayor – Gutierrez Not Running

For Immediate releaseAugust 3, 2017

 Contact: John Fogle Phone: 970-679-7649

 John Fogle Announces Candidacy for Mayor, City of Loveland

 Loveland, Colorado- Today, John Fogle officially announced his candidacy for Mayor of the City of Loveland. Fogle is a 46-year resident of Loveland and served on Loveland City Council since 2011, and as Mayor ProTem since 2015.

During his time on Council, Fogle has been active in the Downtown redevelopment project, serving as a Charter Board Member of the Downtown Development Authority and a committee member on the cities negotiation team that worked with City staff and Brinkman Partners on the Foundry Project. Other accomplishments include: Charter Board member of Loveland Fire Authority, Council liaison to the Historic Preservation Commission, Council liaison to the Cultural Services Commission, Council Liaison to the Construction Advisory board, Council Liaison to the Broadband Taskforce and many more ….

 “Mayor Gutierrez has served our City with distinction for 8 years and is ready to enjoy his family time (and a new Granddaughter!). Cecil has raised the water level when it comes to being Mayor – and I can only attempt to fill some very big shoes! It is with a deep sense of pride and humility, I accept his endorsement and support in my run for Mayor. In the spirit of a true non-partisan race, I graciously accept his offer to be Chairman of my Campaign Committee, and the services of Debbie Davis as my treasurer. I look forward to working with all of Loveland’s citizen’s during this exciting political season”. John Fogle.

 “After serving my country for over 50 years, in the military, as a teacher and on Loveland City Council, it is time to take a step back and enjoy time with my granddaughters and family,” said Cecil Gutierrez, Mayor of Loveland. “I am pleased to support my long-time friend and colleague, John Fogle, in his run for Mayor. John’s leadership on Downtown, Broadband and the Loveland Rural Fire Authority, and many other areas, make him a great candidate to lead the Sweetheart City in these very exciting times. John has a record of working with folks of all political views and will be a voice to continue to move Loveland forward.”

 “When it comes to supporting issues – I have only one meter – ‘Is it good for Loveland?’. So, when you look at my voting history – I hope it is clear – ‘I vote for Loveland!,” said Fogle.

 John Fogle

Phone: 970-679-7649



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9 Responses to Fogle Running For Mayor – Gutierrez Not Running

  1. C. B. says:

    Unbelievable! With an endorsement from the mayor, Fogle is not what is needed for the position. More liberal democrat control.

  2. Greg Snyder says:

    WOW!! I think it would be almost impossible to tell the difference.
    John: Why don’t you just change your registration to Progressive or Marxist to be honest. Wait, that might ruin the image you have of yourself…….

  3. Gary says:

    John Fogle lacks the good judgement the mayor’s position requires. He can’t say no to his favorite dependents when they approach the council for handouts (McWhinney, Brinkman, Lind). Meanwhile projects that have been on hold until Centerra finally produces tax money remain unfunded. John’s poor planning has been responsible for the revenue shortfall at the school district, county treasury, police and fire depts to name only a few. The east-west traffic improvements are still waiting as well as the railroad crossing quiet zone improvements. I don’t think Loveland can afford much more of John Fogle’s leadership.

    • John Fogle says:

      Gary, ( I assume you are Gary Lindquist)
      You sure you don’t want to add Global Warming and dental decay to your list?
      Let’s go through these one at a time —
      I am not aware of McWhinney’s approaching the council for any handouts — what are you talking about? The Centerra URA/Metro District was put in place years ago, prior to my tenure on council.
      The Brinkman Project (Foundry) has been a council project for 4 years now – and while I certainly support it — the majority of the votes involving the Foundry have been 8-1 with some being unanimous.
      The Lind project – ‘The Brands’ – is a project that involves $0 upfront. It includes waivers of some fees (as all economic projects do) – and entails an ongoing sales tax rebate that mirrors the program that Johnstown setup to attract the Sheel’s development. Also of note is Windsor — who has mirrored the program for the ‘Brands East’.
      As for the taxing districts you suggest are coming up short — please calculate the correct numbers based on Centerra not existing and get back to me on that. Without Centerra, the other major developments that council has supported, and the economic development we enjoy — the taxing districts would be in the dark ages compared to our competitors (Ft Collins, Longmont, Greeley, Johnstown and the rest..)
      The East/West traffic improvements that council has approved are in process with some holding waiting for progress on the I25 / 34 intersection rebuild — which council has already approved and began funding. The I25 improvements are in process with CDOT, with the first phase being the intersection at Crossroads Blvd — which is certainly in full swing. The rebuild of the Hwy 402/I25 intersection is slated to begin in 2018 and I feel confident the council will support further improvements down Hwy 402 as needed when this intersection is completed. Both the intersection projects and the I25 expansion have funding that has been approved by council — with payments to CDOT already happening.
      Train noise — two years ago Loveland applied for federal permits and funding to remodel our train crossings. The Secretary of Transportation met in Loveland with officials from Loveland, Ft Collins, Larimer County, our Senators Garner and Bennett. I attended this meeting in support of our pending application to the DOT for train noise abatement, intersection improvements and more. While everyone spoke in favor of change — the Secretary and her staff made it abundantly clear that the Federal mandate of ‘safety first’ would apply to all decisions regarding train intersections. Loveland’s application was refused. Ft Collins has been fighting this battle for years and has spent a lot of $ lobbying Washington for change — all to no avail. This issue remains important but is currently stalled.

      Gary — keep in mind that I am 1 vote of 9 — and rarely does a spending measure pass council by a thin margin. Even as Mayor — I would remain 1 of 9 votes.

      As for my responses — I will not respond to anonymous posts.

      Loveland is a wonderful place to live — and our City would be well served by people who actually believe and support that notion. Those that continuously preach negativity for the sake of change are usually upset at more in life that just the City.

      During this Election season — I challenge our citizens to ‘switch’ the conversation to a positive note. Nothing is perfect, and there is always much to do — but I will respond to all questions that include positive suggestions or comments. Negativity has had its moment in the sun — and I will not respond.

      • Gary says:

        Your version of the stories regarding these spending issues are slanted to make you appear to be on the high ground. The rest of the story will be revealed in the coming months. I would welcome a public debate with you to allow the voters to decide who is accurate in reporting the details of deals made by the council and it’s staff.
        Recently you came out favoring a measure to approve a $ 61 mil bond issue for LDP/DDA. Based on current income from property tax and sales tax, the affected properties in DDA couldn’t pay off this debt in 100 years. Try proposing this plan to a private lender. I stand by my statement that John Fogle has poor judgement.

        • John Fogle says:

          I absolutely support the DDA initiative. Downtown has long needed a central focus and the DDA offers just that. The $61MM figure is based on 30 years of proposed projects and holds a long term vision for downtown. The bonding capacity of each project or project group will determine lenders affinity to provide the money. If the project doesn’t provide a repayment revenue stream — the lending will simply not occur. A debate will certainly be fun — I always look forward to opportunities for the public to become involved.

      • Junkyard Dog says:

        RE: During this Election season — I challenge our citizens to ‘switch’ the conversation to a positive note.

        Respectfully, Mr. John Fogle, you need to explicitly communicate that to your supporters. Specifically, “Bob Eber”, whoever that may actually be. Just because “Bob Eber” is allowed to be uncivil, rude, disrespectful, insulting, abusive, and threatening on the web site of The Reporter-Herald, with the blessing of the Managing Editor, Jeff Stahla, does not make it acceptable or appropriate.

  4. Howard Dotson says:

    My favorite Fogleism was when he accused me of having an “agenda” when I was advocating for greater mental healthcare access in Larimer County as part of my Special election campaign.
    Considering his own testimony on Oct 20th about his own family journey with mental illness, I found this accusation very interesting.
    Yes, I have an agenda. Saving lives. Our brains are equal to any other human organ.
    We need to overcome all this stigma and shame with grace and compassion.

    • John Fogle says:

      Howard —
      In the conversation we had early in your process — I understood that you want to be the Director/Manager in the new mental health system you are promoting. That is the agenda of which I speak. If yours is truly a humanitarian effort not founded in personal gain — then please correct me.
      I absolutely support a mental health program/center for Larimer County — and as you noted — I have personal experience in this area — having lost a wife to ‘Bi-polar Disorder’.
      As for ‘Fogleisms’ — I love it! That is a term that was coined years ago by those near and dear to me. They use it to Raz me and compliment me — all at the same time, just make sure and spell my name correctly please.
      Good luck with the Mental Health debate. I understand this may be coming back to the voters in 2018.

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