Montagu Resignation

On May 3, 2017 we reported here that R2J School Board member Denise Montagu was going to resign her post and move to Boulder due to an alleged nasty divorce.  Thanks to our astute readers, we also reported when her home in Loveland was offered for rent last May as evidence the report was accurate. In fact, she has been serving in the position despite no longer qualifying to sit on the board of education now for months for purely political reasons.

Unfortunately, her colleagues conspired to deny the report along with Superintendent Stan Scheer who participated in a fraud on district residents.  To avoid allowing voters to choose her replacement they delayed the announcement until a date they were certain state law allows the board to appoint her replacement instead of allowing voters to decide at the next regularly scheduled general election.

We understand Montagu has claimed her timing was “personal” not “political” as a final insult to the residents of this area.  Good riddance to perhaps the most obnoxious and ignorant person to ever hold local public office in Larimer County.  Montagu turned school board meetings into nothing than less than Jerry Springer side shows with her shouting, insults and almost comical inability to grasp complicated subjects.  An uninformed viewer may easily have mistaken her “public service” as some kind of SNL spoof.

We are told the teacher’s union (Thompson Education Association) has already found her replacement.

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3 Responses to Montagu Resignation

  1. Anon says:

    Did she do anything illegal? Or was it only highly unethical? Did the BOE do anything illegal?

    Is anyone looking into these questions and holding those in question accountable? Or is this just going to be allowed to slide?

    We’ve all heard about Voter Supression over the past year. Wouldn’t this be the textbook example of Voter Supression? I hope someone with the right background and skillset is looking into these allegations.

  2. C. B. says:

    The negative publicity of her phony excuse to delay her announcement of resignation will follow her. This is exactly what was expected from her. Who will the teachers union come up with to replace her? It’s all about control of the school board and district by a labor group that is only interested in money and has nothing to do with education. Follow the money trail.

  3. Ed Klen says:

    Regardless of Montagu’s intentions and actions, I would have expected a mature and proper response from the remaining board members. But I am sure their hands were tied? I am guessing that actions like these will continue to haunt the board each time they want to be taken seriously at the polls.

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