Ward II Council Race: Three Is A Crowd

It is hard to imagine that at this time last year, Californian David Crowder came to Loveland for the first time to accept a job as McWhinney’s lobbyist in local affairs and governance.

Today, he has access and influence over who is seeking public office in Loveland that surpasses any long term residents or business owners.  To add insult to injury, Crowder is drawing his salary from public dollars from Centerra’s Metro Districts to spend his day dabblying in local politics and lobbying our city council with unprecedented access to preserve his six figure salary coming from so-called “public” funds.  

McWhinney has discovered that by divide and conquer they can maintain control of Loveland’s City Council from both sides of the political isle.  When downtown business owner Jacki Marsh appeared to be the only candidate running for Ward II, while calling for an audit of Centerra and allowing residents of Centerra to control their board instead of McWhinney alone, the call went out to find “high-quality woman to run in Ward II.”

At the ready were Councilwoman Leah Johnson, a Democrat, and State House Representative Hugh McKean, a Republican.  Each coveting their relationship with the McWhinney brothers, worked diligently apparently with Crowder to recruit that “high-quality” female candidate to defeat McWhinney’s downtown critic.  Both perhaps too foolish to understand they were being played recruited and introduced to our community pro-McWhinney candidates for the previously low-profile Loveland Ward II council race.  Each acting as pawns in McWhinney’s sophisticated strategy to retain control of Loveland’s City Council and ultimately all the tax dollars collected in Centerra.

Please take your time to read our entire story and see a not so happy ending.   See story 

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5 Responses to Ward II Council Race: Three Is A Crowd

  1. Carol says:

    This makes me sick to my stomach. Are we really this gullible and stupid in Loveland that we allow the McWhinneys to keep controlling our politics?

  2. LandLover says:

    This should surprise no one. It’s always been a case of “follow the money”. And the McWhinneys have for well more than a decade now, been the single largest source of $$ – both in direct campaign donations as well as in “influence peddling”. The latter is done through “charitable donations” (as the article illustrates) and full-time lobbyists.

    The latter schmooze with, and eventually turn around even those who initially vowed to represent the citizens’ interests and take on these special interests. This is why eventually, you have a Council that will grant practically anything the “political entrepreneurs” (to borrow your term) like McWhinney want.

    And for those who like to cast such issues in terms of Party, it really doesn’t matter. Either they start out friendly to these business elites, or they eventually become closet believers in “trickle down” economics. You know…give public subsidies to the millionaires & billionaires and they’ll let some of it tinkle down on the public. At least the Council members and their families / partners will benefit in any case.

    It’s too bad that the only person with the willingness to point out the inequities, and with no apparent privately vested interests, has chosen not to run.

  3. Howard Dotson says:

    I hope Jackie continues to be a vocal advocate outside the system.
    She has made great contributions to our democratic process.
    H/T to Jackie Marsh.

  4. Tony Benjamin says:

    I’d urge Jackie to reconsider. And let the chips fall where they may. I do believe she’d make an informed, thoughtful addition to City Council. tb

  5. Greg Snyder says:

    All politics are local, and apparently mirror national politics. As has been stated, follow the money. We need local version of Donald Trump who will kick the status quo, and the press, in the teeth.

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