Candidate List Final (almost)

Below is the list of candidates who submitted petitions to appear on the ballot this November for Loveland City Council by today’s deadline of 5:00 PM

We say it is almost, as the clerk may reject a petition with insufficient qualified signatures but that is unlikely.  We understand Jacki Marsh submitted over 100 signatures while the average was between 30-40 for the 25 required.

We will be running detailed stories for each race.  Councilman Dave Clark in Ward 4 is the only one running  unopposed. 

John H. Fogle Mayor

Jacki Marsh Mayor

Larry Heckel Mayor 


Jeremy Jersvig Ward 1

Lenard Larkin Ward 1


Gary Lindquist Ward 2

Gail Snyder Ward 2

Kathi A. Wright Ward 2


John Ryan Keil Ward 3

Steve Olson Ward 3


Dave Clark Ward 4


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5 Responses to Candidate List Final (almost)

  1. Dave says:

    What an uninspiring list!

  2. Greg Snyder says:

    Throw your name in the hat then….. Actions speak louder than words. I ran for city council in Ft Collins once and had both a good and educational time. It is easy to see who is a puppet and who is thinking for themselves when you are involved in a dozen or more panels and debates. Luckily I managed to lose due to a strong leftist movement against me and a ghost candidate who did his best being the non-controversial version of me. I say “luckily” because my business really took off after that election I I would not have had proper time to devote to both. Maybe after I retire I will try it again, but meanwhile my hat is off to those who jump into the water, even if they are puppets or fools because they put themselves on display for all to see truth of their character.

  3. Junkyard Dog says:

    I understand that the person using the name “Bob Eber”, who was banned from this site for making threats against others, who has been allowed to continue to make threats against others on The Reporter-Herald Disqus channel, including the President of the United States of America, Donald J. Trump, has been exposed to be a Democratic Party operative named Gil Barela.

    I understand that Howard Dotson, who has repeatedly refused to reveal where he gets money from to travel the world and living expenses, who changes his physical address roughly every two years, has been embraced by the Democratic Party.

    This is the Democratic Party of Larimer County: domestic terrorists and drifters.

    • Admin says:

      Wasn’t it reported by the RH he was receiving disability payments from the U.S. Postal Service due to liver complications? If true, he will also need to explain how he has the energy and time to be running for a leadership position in the Democratic Party of Larimer County.

      • Admin says:

        In any event, he is the same crazy character who stood up during a school board meeting and began shouting to interrupt a speaker. He clearly has an anger management issue and little regard for civil discourse.

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