Ward I Race Could Begin and End Over Faith Evangelical Church on Wilson

Councilman Troy Krenning is not going to seek another term on Loveland’s City Council representing Ward I. Loveland Planning Commissioner Jeremy Jersvig along with local cable installer Lenard Larkin are competing for the chance to take Krenning’s seat this November.

Curiously, the only previous contact the two have had was when Larkin complained to the planning commission regarding Loveland Classical School’s ability to rent room from the church; the same one which opens its doors to precincts across Ward I to vote on Election Day every other year.

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6 Responses to Ward I Race Could Begin and End Over Faith Evangelical Church on Wilson

  1. Carol says:

    I don’t know either candidate but since I live in Ward 1 am happy to have a choice. We will miss Troy and I don’t know if either of these gentlemen can fill those big shoes.

    I saw on Facebook Troy endorsed Jacki Marsh for Mayor.

  2. Ed Klen says:

    I listened to the candidates at last nights event at the city council chambers.
    Jeremy did not surprise me, he was his normal self and why I have always supported him. He has a very firm grip on simple and real, he knows where government ends and peoples personal responsibilities begin.
    Lenard on on the other hand has me very concerned, for instance, he is all for the city broadband and the numbers are not even in yet.
    It was a pleasure to meet Gail Snyder for the first time. I believe that she is firmly rooted in logic and common sense yet still shows compassion, I believe that she also respects the line between too much government and too little.
    Steve Olson did not surprise me either, he has always stood for common sense and fiscal responsibility, oorah.
    These are just my meager observations and I hope I am not putting words in anybody’s mouth. We have a lot of good candidates and I am sure that they are all probably good people, but we have to vote for the ones that are going to keep Loveland Loveland.

    Where might we find a Q&A meeting of the candidates that is a bit more open, the structure last night was good but very confining.

    • Thank you, Ed. Look for coffee meet ups over the coming weeks. I’ll be available for conversation on any topic. Facebook is a good source for those schedules, it gets expensive to run ads in the paper. I can also be reached by email or phone and will respond as soon as I can.

      970-691-0760 leave a msg, please, if I can’t answer

  3. Gary says:

    Are you going to produce an article to report the other candidates’ responses to the forum questions? I’m eager to comment on my impressions of the mayoral portion of the presentation on thurs.
    I would really like to know how a masonry and steel building used by the school district for more than 20 years was discovered to contain harmful levels of asbestos. Is this a fact or campaign BS?

  4. LindaRosaRN says:

    I would support Jersvig, though I think he is somewhat evasive on the issue of “incentives,” i.e. what he thinks is an incentive vs. corporate welfare.

    Broadband would be a big mistake.

    As for the Classic Schools, my daughter attended one of these in Ft. Collins and found the school to be deceptive about their anti-evolution curriculum, and they had a ridiculous sex education class.

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