Jacki Marsh Elected Mayor Despite Last Minute Big Money Behind Fogle

Downtown business owner and resident Jacki Marsh won Loveland’s Mayor race by a landslide despite big money from Southern California being spent for John Fogle in apparent violation of Loveland’s campaign finance laws. Latest results show candidate Larry Heckel receiving only 17%, Mayor Pro Tem John Fogle 35% and Jacki Marsh 46%.

Marsh will also become the first person elected Mayor of Loveland who did not previously serve on Loveland’s City Council in at least in modern memory. John Fogle will continue serving on Loveland’s City Council as his 4-year council term expires in 2019.

City Council outcomes were largely predictable as most races had only one serious contender for the seat;

Ward 1, Jeremy Jersvig

Ward 2, Kathi Wright

Ward 3, Steve Olson

Ward 4, Dave Clark

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2 Responses to Jacki Marsh Elected Mayor Despite Last Minute Big Money Behind Fogle

  1. Greg Snyder says:

    I hope Jackie doesn’t get sucked in to the “business of government” as many of the independent voices I have voted for in the past did. Ft Collins has a long history of turning reformers into big government bureaucratic stooges in the mayor’s office. I think my prediction that the “Trump effect” was in full force voting against John Fogle who has a history of talking populist but voting in support of government bloat. It would appear that even his Democrat friends don’t even trust him.

  2. Greg Snyder says:

    I have always believed that the character of people is illustrated more by their actions when they lose than by their actions when they win. I also believe political candidates should be as enthusiastic about removing campaign yard signs as they are about putting them up. I drive a lot in an average work day and it has been interesting to see who’s signs are still up all over town. They speak volumes……

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