Marsh Already Under Attack

Loveland’s Mayor Elect Jacki Marsh is already under attack by former rival Councilman John Fogle who is attempting to deny her access to committee assignments through emails to staff and colleagues. Tomorrow night she will be sworn-in along with two new members of Loveland’s City Council.

Read our story along with copies of Fogle’s email and Marsh’s reply

At the risk of opening a partisan debate, we see both Marsh and Fogle as the two wild cards in the council’s current partisan divide of 4-3. Fogle changed registration before running for Council only to revert to prior politics when it appeared to favor his fortunes earning him the reputation of an opportunistic flip-flopper. Marsh is historically a Democrat but her issues of more transparency and less special interest influence over the public body were emphatically opposed by Councilwoman Leah Johnson who fashions herself as the model Democrat on Loveland’s City Council. Johnson appears to be the constamment insider doing the bidding of developer McWhinney, the Chamber and any other special interest. Johnson’s tireless efforts to spoil Marsh’s political ambitions have not gone unnoticed by Marsh making for an unlikely alliance.

Especially humorous is the current rumor that Marsh will soon resign if her colleagues create enough road blocks and frustrate her efforts at being an effective mayor for the city; an effort both Johnson and Fogle have already begun.

We say funny because they continue to misjudge Marsh. Once the nation’s most well known female long distance runner (then Jacki Dixon) . Marsh has the stamina most people don’t to finish what she starts. That is why we confidently will call tomorrow’s swearing-in the beginning of the ‘Marsh era’ in Loveland politics.

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6 Responses to Marsh Already Under Attack

  1. Junkyard Dog says:

    John Fogle is not helping whatever credibility or respectability he may have presently by allowing his surrogate “Bob Eber” to post threats and insults to the Disqus channel of The Reporter-Herald. Many made it known prior to the recent election in Loveland that they would not vote for John Fogle for mayor of Loveland because of this practice. Mr. Fogle lost the election in large part due to this.

  2. Greg Snyder says:

    The swamp vs Trump replaying itself at the local level. Is anyone surprised? I would wager that there is plenty of “Deep State” staff inside the bureaucracy that will also be working to either thwart Jackie or mislead her the same way they continually mislead the public. I don’t know much about Jackie but I knew plenty enough about the other two and John Fogle is continuing to show himself worthy of contempt. It sure would be nice to actually get some “public servants” who understand that they are there to serve, not lord over……

    • Admin says:

      Well, the city’s broadcast folks seem to have trouble including sound in their broadcast just as there was disagreement on committee assignments following the swearing-in of the new mayor and council. What do you bet there will be no sound available in the archive of the meeting also. It does seem implausible that after successfully broadcasting meetings with no technical difficulty the most important and controversial meeting of the year cannot be heard or recorded.

  3. Gary says:

    John’s condescending attitude toward Jacki on Tues night was absolutely out of line. He tried to exploit her nervousness at the new experience as leader on the dais rather than support and assist her. I have no doubt Fogle will continue to wrest control of the council even though he lost the election. Kind of like Clinton vs. Trump. Fogle is out of touch with the voters, he should be recalled.

  4. Eric Sutherland says:

    Congratulations Loveland on your choice for Mayor. I want to wish Ms. Marsh and the City of Loveland the very best for the years to come. This was clearly the brightest result in the entire Larimer County co-ordinated election.

  5. Ed Klen says:

    Off the topic, but whatever came of the DDA election boundary confusion?

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