Candidate List Final (almost)

Below is the list of candidates who submitted petitions to appear on the ballot this November for Loveland City Council by today’s deadline of 5:00 PM

We say it is almost, as the clerk may reject a petition with insufficient qualified signatures but that is unlikely.  We understand Jacki Marsh submitted over 100 signatures while the average was between 30-40 for the 25 required.

We will be running detailed stories for each race.  Councilman Dave Clark in Ward 4 is the only one running  unopposed. 

John H. Fogle Mayor

Jacki Marsh Mayor

Larry Heckel Mayor 


Jeremy Jersvig Ward 1

Lenard Larkin Ward 1


Gary Lindquist Ward 2

Gail Snyder Ward 2

Kathi A. Wright Ward 2


John Ryan Keil Ward 3

Steve Olson Ward 3


Dave Clark Ward 4


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Jacki Marsh Running For Mayor

McWhinney pawns who pushed Jacki Marsh out of a bid for Ward II may need to explain how their plan backfired.

Marsh, a downtown business and property owner, was buoyed by the number of people who were upset she decided not to seek a council seat for Ward II.  She filed the paperwork today to be added to the ballot for mayor joining Loveland Mayor Pro Tem John Fogle and former Councilman Larry Heckel on November’s ballot.

Marsh says she wants to represent all of Loveland while limiting the enormous power special interests have enjoyed in recent years over Loveland’s largely staff directed council.

This will be a more interesting and less predictable race.

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Ward II Council Race: Three Is A Crowd

It is hard to imagine that at this time last year, Californian David Crowder came to Loveland for the first time to accept a job as McWhinney’s lobbyist in local affairs and governance.

Today, he has access and influence over who is seeking public office in Loveland that surpasses any long term residents or business owners.  To add insult to injury, Crowder is drawing his salary from public dollars from Centerra’s Metro Districts to spend his day dabblying in local politics and lobbying our city council with unprecedented access to preserve his six figure salary coming from so-called “public” funds.  

McWhinney has discovered that by divide and conquer they can maintain control of Loveland’s City Council from both sides of the political isle.  When downtown business owner Jacki Marsh appeared to be the only candidate running for Ward II, while calling for an audit of Centerra and allowing residents of Centerra to control their board instead of McWhinney alone, the call went out to find “high-quality woman to run in Ward II.”

At the ready were Councilwoman Leah Johnson, a Democrat, and State House Representative Hugh McKean, a Republican.  Each coveting their relationship with the McWhinney brothers, worked diligently apparently with Crowder to recruit that “high-quality” female candidate to defeat McWhinney’s downtown critic.  Both perhaps too foolish to understand they were being played recruited and introduced to our community pro-McWhinney candidates for the previously low-profile Loveland Ward II council race.  Each acting as pawns in McWhinney’s sophisticated strategy to retain control of Loveland’s City Council and ultimately all the tax dollars collected in Centerra.

Please take your time to read our entire story and see a not so happy ending.   See story 

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Montagu Resignation

On May 3, 2017 we reported here that R2J School Board member Denise Montagu was going to resign her post and move to Boulder due to an alleged nasty divorce.  Thanks to our astute readers, we also reported when her home in Loveland was offered for rent last May as evidence the report was accurate. In fact, she has been serving in the position despite no longer qualifying to sit on the board of education now for months for purely political reasons.

Unfortunately, her colleagues conspired to deny the report along with Superintendent Stan Scheer who participated in a fraud on district residents.  To avoid allowing voters to choose her replacement they delayed the announcement until a date they were certain state law allows the board to appoint her replacement instead of allowing voters to decide at the next regularly scheduled general election.

We understand Montagu has claimed her timing was “personal” not “political” as a final insult to the residents of this area.  Good riddance to perhaps the most obnoxious and ignorant person to ever hold local public office in Larimer County.  Montagu turned school board meetings into nothing than less than Jerry Springer side shows with her shouting, insults and almost comical inability to grasp complicated subjects.  An uninformed viewer may easily have mistaken her “public service” as some kind of SNL spoof.

We are told the teacher’s union (Thompson Education Association) has already found her replacement.

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Fogle Running For Mayor – Gutierrez Not Running

For Immediate releaseAugust 3, 2017

 Contact: John Fogle Phone: 970-679-7649

 John Fogle Announces Candidacy for Mayor, City of Loveland

 Loveland, Colorado- Today, John Fogle officially announced his candidacy for Mayor of the City of Loveland. Fogle is a 46-year resident of Loveland and served on Loveland City Council since 2011, and as Mayor ProTem since 2015.

During his time on Council, Fogle has been active in the Downtown redevelopment project, serving as a Charter Board Member of the Downtown Development Authority and a committee member on the cities negotiation team that worked with City staff and Brinkman Partners on the Foundry Project. Other accomplishments include: Charter Board member of Loveland Fire Authority, Council liaison to the Historic Preservation Commission, Council liaison to the Cultural Services Commission, Council Liaison to the Construction Advisory board, Council Liaison to the Broadband Taskforce and many more ….

 “Mayor Gutierrez has served our City with distinction for 8 years and is ready to enjoy his family time (and a new Granddaughter!). Cecil has raised the water level when it comes to being Mayor – and I can only attempt to fill some very big shoes! It is with a deep sense of pride and humility, I accept his endorsement and support in my run for Mayor. In the spirit of a true non-partisan race, I graciously accept his offer to be Chairman of my Campaign Committee, and the services of Debbie Davis as my treasurer. I look forward to working with all of Loveland’s citizen’s during this exciting political season”. John Fogle.

 “After serving my country for over 50 years, in the military, as a teacher and on Loveland City Council, it is time to take a step back and enjoy time with my granddaughters and family,” said Cecil Gutierrez, Mayor of Loveland. “I am pleased to support my long-time friend and colleague, John Fogle, in his run for Mayor. John’s leadership on Downtown, Broadband and the Loveland Rural Fire Authority, and many other areas, make him a great candidate to lead the Sweetheart City in these very exciting times. John has a record of working with folks of all political views and will be a voice to continue to move Loveland forward.”

 “When it comes to supporting issues – I have only one meter – ‘Is it good for Loveland?’. So, when you look at my voting history – I hope it is clear – ‘I vote for Loveland!,” said Fogle.

 John Fogle

Phone: 970-679-7649



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Abusing Discrection…….Again

Tonight Loveland’s City Council votes to finally approve (second reading) a scheme to use Federal Relief Dollars for victims of the 2013 flood to instead promote McWhinney’s failed Chapungu Park with an annual “Winter Wonderlights” festival.

Please read our story (especially the last paragraph) 

We say failed because not only did McWhinney foreclose on Promenade Shops next to the park located inside a drain basin but the inspiration for the park, Chapungu Art Gallery in Harare, Zimbabwe was liquidated by the African government in 2012 when artists and employees were owed over $150,000 in back pay while its locally celebrated “curator” was living comfortably in a half-a-million dollar house in Berthoud – apparently enjoying the spoils of Centerra Metro District dollars paid by McWhinney for their stone carvings.  

Now before you indulge in the fantasy that closures of Highway 34 are responsible for dropping sales in Centerra, please go back and read our story from December 2015 titled, “The Competition For Retailers -Why Loveland’s Centerra is losing ground and may fall short of revenue projections again in 2016 costing the city”

We take the “controversial” position that flood relief dollars probably are best spent on helping businesses actually damaged by the 2013 floods and subsequent closures along Highway 34.   We all know it wasn’t Centerra.

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Metro Districts; Epicenter of New Political Chasm

For literally decades the Loveland City Council took a devil may care approach to Metro Districts (special taxing districts) approving many different taxing districts in Loveland with little concern for voter retribution.

All that is changing with the recent survey by Thompson School District that their number one obstacle to passing a bond measure in 2017 are the residents in such districts whose property taxes exceed the statewide average in Colorado.

Read our story and please feel welcome to contribute to the conversation.  Do you live in a Metro District and will you support the Thompson School District’s third attempt at passing a mill levy override or special bond for school infrastructure?


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Multiple Stories

A lot is going on so here is a quick summary;

1.  Our May 3, post that School Board member Denise Montagu is renting her home and headed to Boulder as the result of a divorce is indeed being re-confirmed.  Superintendent Stan Scheer and the school board he controls agreed in secret to delay announcing Montagu’s departure to avoid the requirement of a special election due to the cost.  Instead, they are waiting until August to make the announcement so her replacement can run in a general election already being conducted by the county.

2.  Rev. Howard Dotson has converted to Islam.  Oddly enough his church members are celebrating his departure while he is making historical arguments for his conversion.  

3.  David Wayne Balsiger of Loveland, Colorado, passed away at age 71 on June 27, 2017.  You may recall he was the producer of the 70’s television show Grizzly Adams.  More recently, he invested $12,000 of his own money to defeat the latest Thompson School District bond measure by publishing his own newspaper, taking out advertisements and posting signs around Loveland in opposition to the bond.

4.  Loveland’s City Council approved diverting federal funds intended to assist flood victims instead to an annual light show in Centerra Chupungu Park celebrating Denver resident Chad McWhinney’s private art collection in the park.  The annual show will cost over $100,000 and provides pagans an interesting secular display during the insufferable last week of December.  No word yet on whether Jared’s Galleria of Jewlry will be contributing the Golden Calf for the celebrations or maybe it can be constructed from Centerra shopper’s personal jewlry.   

5.  Colorado attorney Brian Matise described all the red flags of a troubled or corrupt metro district to Loveland’s Council last Tuesday inadvertently describing Centerra on every point from perpetual developer control to exceeding payment timeframes and debt limits.  More on this later…..

6.  Brothers Steve and Ed Klen sold the Rocky Mountain Gun Club they have operated for years in Anasazi Plaza behind Walmart.  The City of Loveland declined offers to purchase the indoor shooting range in favor of building their own facility for police to qualify and practice shooting.  

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Councilwoman Asked to Resign

Even in today’s world of tabloid politics it is difficult to comprehend how a nearly homeless woman trying to escape creditors and without a regular job can continue serving on Loveland’s City Council despite the fact she is no longer residing in the Ward she represents.  See our story

The answer is not complicated.  Loveland’s daily newspaper, the Loveland Daily Reporter-Herald, has lost all objectivity and independence from city hall in reporting city news since it now relies on the city to maintain and sell articles from its archive so unlikely to report any hard news anymore impacting those appropriating their annual subsidy.  Secondly, fellow political travelers of Councilwoman Shaffer,  like Mayor Cecil Gutierrez and Councilman Richard Ball, see her as an easy vote for any pet project so why let the law stand in the way of political expediency?

Our goal is not to highlight the personal problems of Councilwoman Joan Shaffer but instead simply ask the question how she is allowed to continue ignoring the city’s laws regarding her residency requirement in Ward II?  We understand that councilors Dave Clark, Don Overcash and others have asked for this issue to finally be discussed in public at their next regularly scheduled meeting.  Ironically, we are told city staff will be delivering her agenda packet for that next meeting to her crash pad outside Ward II.

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Council To Vote On Subsidizing Reporter-Herald Newspaper Archive

This Wednesday, July 5, Loveland’s City Council is set to vote on a onetime $59,000 expenditure to move the RH’s archives to the city’s Cultural Services Department along with another $60,000 annual increase in the departments budget to better organize, preserve and maintain the thousands of newspaper articles and photographs for the newspaper’s current owners.  The Reporter-Herald reportedly doesn’t have the resources to move the archives to their new small office in Berthoud.

See our story along with links to older stories about how the newspaper was sold previously etc….

When this idea was first presented to Loveland’s City Council, museum staff claimed they signed the agreement back in May with the newspaper because the Reporter-Herald was planning to dispose of the archive upon selling their building in downtown.  Incredibly, the staff negotiated an agreement where the party supposedly ready to dispose of their archives will continue to receive revenue and maintain rights to the copyright of the archive after it is acquired by the city and maintained at taxpayer expense.

Staff must know how incredibly incompetent their negotiation skills are because during a presentation to Loveland’s City Council in early June, they repeatedly claimed the archive will now be available for Loveland residents for free with the exception of “commercial” uses.  Unfortunately, our elected representatives failed to read the actual agreement and voted 9-0 on first reading to became the custodian of the newspaper’s  archives without obtaining any rights for the citizens to use that archive.  

Essentially, city taxpayers are being asked to organize, preserve, and distribute the newspaper’s archive to the financial benefit of its owners who not only maintain control of their archives but also, according to the agreement, may take them back at anytime from the city.

We strongly support the city acquiring the “going to be trashed” archive from our city’s failing daily newspaper for the use of its citizens and the museum for historical purposes in perpetuity.  Unfortunately, this agreement they are scheduled to approve Wednesday doesn’t come close to accomplishing the objective the staff claims it does.

Councilors – please read the agreement before voting for final approval.

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